The Fresh Fish We Offer

Fresh fish is hard to come by in this day and age. Frozen and/or imported fish can be found in any super market, grocery store and restaurant in the country. At Kirk Fish all of our fresh fish comes directly off the boats that fish in our local waters and it comes in daily. The boats we work with fish both the back waters and off shore depending on the type of boat they have, the gear they use and the species they are targeting. Our fishermen take pride in the quality of their product and maintaining freshness is their top priority. This means the fish are chilled in slush ice as soon as they are brought aboard and they are packed in insulated fish boxes full of ice once they are processed. When they reach the docks at Kirk Fish, we follow a strict HACCP plan where we monitor every step of processing and packaging. Once the fish is purchased from the fisherman and processed, we report catch quantities to the state using the mandatory trip ticket program. At this point it is ready for sale, either directly to you through our retail or sold in mass quantities to other fish purveyors.

Fishing is not guaranteed catching! If the weather is too bad, or a boat breaks down, or a fisherman is not able to go, we might not have any fresh fish available. We do not import any seafood other than our Organic Salmon because it is such a popular fish. Very rarely do we have no fresh fish catch of the day, but it does happen. That is why we always have plenty of other fresh local seafood options for you to modify your menus with. Always feel free to call and place orders (239)394-8616